Sunday, January 29, 2017

Rain, snow, sun, repeat

It has been mostly a wet and cold day today but as the afternoon advances it looks like it is beginning to clear up a little in preparation for the upcoming stretch of clear and colder weather forecasted.  I made an attempt to get some photos in between rain and snow squalls but wasn't very successful but thought I'd post these anyway.

This little timber tiger must know that the weather is going to get colder and decided to freshen up the insulation in its nest.  This was as close as I could get before it climbed into a higher and more dense part of this little forest.

The ubiquitous crow.  The crows in SE AK are Northwestern Crows, Corvus caurinus.  These crows are most notable for their habit of dropping mussels and clams onto rocks, concrete, or other hard surfaces from the air in order to get at the meat inside and for their ability to create such a loud and grating ruckus that any humans in the area hoping for a tranquil moment of communion with nature will retreat to the peace and quiet of their vehicle.

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  1. Great work Bob, thanks for sharing. I have you bookmarked.