Tuesday, May 23, 2017

King fishing

Just a few photos from an evening King Salmon fishing trip last night.  A fishing trip but unfortunately not a catching trip.  The return of King Salmon is predicted to be pretty bad this year and the state fish and game managers have put a very restrictive limit on them.  This means potentially lots of hours trolling waiting for that burst of adrenaline when you see the rod jerk and hear the line getting ripped off the reel.  That time does present one with an opportunity to commune with friends, enjoy the scenery, take some photos, and drink some beer.  (I'm not sure it is possible to fish without drinking beer, I hear that it is but I'm skeptical)

It has been a rather cold and rainy spring here in the hidden gem and has felt more like autumn than spring.  Yesterday evening was particularly autumn-like with a thick band of fog down on the water, thick enough that I had to use radar for a bit to get over to the fishing spot safely.

Fog is interesting in the way that it can cancel out a person's sense of direction and speed so completely.  It can also create some interesting perspectives of the world.

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