Thursday, February 9, 2017

Timber Tiger

So, it's winter right?  A lot of animals have been hibernating or sleeping for several months now, others have long since headed south to warmer climates, and the ones that have done neither are doing what they need to do to survive this time of cold and scarcity.  The forests and muskegs and even the sea seem much quieter and empty than during the other seasons, even the deer have been scarce for the last few months.  A walk in the woods can be an incredibly silent experience except for the crunch of your footsteps on the frozen ground or the sound of your own heartbeat when you stop and listen.  The stark black and white of dormant plants and snow cover and the silence of winter make familiar places seem foreign and new.  The silence leads me to introspection, thoughts of what is to come during the year, darker thoughts of mortality, reveries of times past, longings for warm fires and blankets, dozing in the fleeting almost warm sun, and then..............

this guy starts chattering at me and makes the present come crashing back!  Keep it real little timber tiger!

It is almost the full moon and with all the silt in the air blown down the river over the last several days, it made an interesting looking moon early this morning.

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