Sunday, April 9, 2017

An orchid

Orchids are amazing to me!  Coevolution is fascinating but, for me, still does not fully explain how a flower like this could eventually select for a version that can so closely imitate whatever insect it needs to attract for pollination.  There is so much in the world and existence that we can't explain.  Pretty cool!

This next photo for me represents many things - my time of living in and exploring the wilds of western Montana while based in the eclectic small city of Missoula where you could get so many good things so easily like this microbrew porter from The Kettlehouse Brewery which was literally one block from my house; the ice in the drink is from the LeConte Glacier north of Wrangell which is the place where I have been living and exploring from for almost 17 years now and continue to be humbled and awed; and the beverage in the glass is some excellent Jameson Irish whiskey which has led to many stories of its own!

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  1. Love that pic of the orchid. Is that a wild one? I have several in my home, but nothing that beautiful.