Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Moon over Wrangell

A nice evening in the hidden gem while out on the boat.

This was taken from my boat about 5 miles from Wrangell, Wrangell Island is the dark body of land in the foreground with the forest and mountains of the mainland behind.  This is the very northern tip of Wrangell Island called Point Highfield.  Our airport is just on the other side of the hill.

The mountain with the long flat summit on the right of this photo is Berg Mountain which is one of the higher mainland mountains close to Wrangell.  A "high" mountain in southeast is any one over 4,000 feet, this one is somewhere over 4,000' but under 5,000'.  The amount of time, effort, and misery involved to summit a 4,000 footer in SEAK is significant and nothing to take for granted!  Getting to the top of a mountain here generally involves a completely trail-less bushwack from sea level while hoping you have picked a good route and can avoid cliffs, extensive blowndown trees, dense thickets of Devil's Club, bears, getting lost, etc., etc.  Climbing mountains in SEAK requires a different level of commitment and outdoor skills than most other places as well as a sadistic appreciation for being miserable!  Sounds like fun!  This particular mountain is one of the few that I have not climbed that is visible from the Wrangell area due to its long approach.  I hope to get up there this year though, I'm weary of looking at it from a distance and wondering what the view from the top looks like and unfortunately I'm not getting any younger!

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